« Last Mile Delivery is about to become the most important step in the global supply chain for one reason: it is the physical contact with the customer, the moment when relationship gets real.

We are already imagining how the next generation of « Last Mile Services » can improve the customer experience and how this new added value can benefit brands and industries…

…but today, the giants of logistics are failing in the “Last Mile Delivery” field (average of 20% of deliveries fail). Brands strive not to lose value because of a lack of efficiency or trustful traceability in their delivery services. In a nutshell, they spend a fortune acquiring new customers and eventually face losing them because of the inefficiency of the processes of their delivery service provider.

Brands, and consequently their customers, have been facing this situation for decades because of the inertia of the logistics industry… it is time to change the game.

We believe that solutions will not come from big logistical companies but from a new professional category: the Messengers. They own the cities and they are the future of Last Mile but they need to connect to these new markets and unify their processes.

This is why we created OPS and this is why we are building the COURIIER NETWORK: a new entity connecting the best local independent Last Mile Companies around the world.

Messengers Companies must be aware of their unique skills and seize this historical opportunity.

Together, we have the opportunity to become the most efficient and sustainable Global Last Mile solution ever, so join the family. »

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