The one and only operating solution joining the 2 fundamental aspects of running a Last Mile company: Live Operations and Sales Services, both in a single platform.

« In order to grow properly, Messenger Co. need to get automated assistance at every level. Beyond field optimization, they must significantly simplify and automate their ordering and billing processes. »



The heart of your growth. OPS allows your actual and future customers to place orders the way they need.

E-commerce stakeholders will be able to interact with OPS APIs and automate their deliveries, gain full live traceability and improve their customer experience. Logistics players will be able to place EDI files on compartments and automate massive orders in your business. Then, thanks to the OPS APIs, they will access data seamlessly and optimize their Last Mile performance based on your capabilities. Individuals and conventional businesses can, first of all, order a few clicks on the mobile application and the web application, and then follow the completion of the mission in real time.

OPS provides a complete suite of ready-to-use control interfaces (API, mobile application, web application …) for your customers…
and for you, OPS offers advanced features to automate and expand your business operations, here is a sneak preview…

Order automation

Intuitive Apps (Web and Mobile) and advanced online connectors (API and Plug-ins) automates your order entries.

Allow massification of orders

The OPS API allow your customers to automate their orders and accelerate significantly the pace of business with your company. For 1 or 1000 orders, the process is the same… Simple and immediate.

Save phoning time on isolated orders

The COURIIER Mobile App and the COURIIER Web App allow your customers to order on their own and save a precious time… no more phone calls to place isolated orders.

No more data entry operators

Beyond the global time optimization, the OPS order interfaces allow you to save the cost of operators today dedicated to your orders entries.

Billing automation

Set your customer config (price list, billing schedule…) and let OPS generates invoices and stats… or keep the hand.

Automate customer scoring

Set the billing schedule and OPS will automatically send you the score of your customers (Monthly, Weekly or even Daily).

From there, you will be able generate invoices manually or let OPS do it.

Save accountant time

OPS allows you to obtain reports and a precise history of your activity. It’s not our core job … the less time we spend on it, the better.

Reduce billing delays

At the beginning of each month, you have a ritual: edit all the bills… and later, you do it, later you get paid.

With automation, OPS reduces billing time and outstanding bills.


Sales management

Real-time evolution of orders (status, prices…) following real-life scenarios (incident, upsells, actions…). 

Pricing evolution following real-life

In a perfect world, an order is easy to manage … but in the world of Last Mile, nothing is perfect.

Your business needs sales tools to adjust order pricing based on how it was done.

If the messenger was canceled at the very last minute, if he was put on hold, if the person is absent and inaccessible, if you represented the package or if you repatriated it … all these cases have an impact on prices.

OPS does it for you.

Configure you own scenarios

Because you know your territory better, you can configure your own scenarios and adaptable tariffs so that OPS automates their applications.

Beyond the “Incident” scenarios, you can define “Upsells” such as oversizing, overweight, distance and even “Actions” if you need to run some specific procedures on the field…

The possibilities are endless, you set the limits!

Apply dedicated Price Lists

All your customers are not the same and some lucky people have negotiated rates.

OPS allows you to create dedicated price lists for these customers and apply them automatically.

Payment automation

As soon as your customer uses a Credit Card, you can configure the payments policy and automate them.

Optimize your cash

No more payment delays… the payment is triggered whenever you need: at the end of the mission or at a specific schedule.

Ease your customer life

Payment automation goes with billing automation. Your customers save time and worries about paying their providers.

Lighten up your recovery actions

The more customers are automated, the less recovery actions you will perform…



« Many field optimization solutions exist but none are really matching the need of express deliveries companies… none are really LIVE.
Last Mile Companies must lean to a solution that react in real-time: when a new order is entering, the system and the teams must know it and act properly. »



The heart of your daily operations. OPS allows you to manage all your operations by taking advantage of a unique LiveData system.

Isolated orders or massive quantities, from simple pickup / delivery to complex scenarios with multiple routes and specific actions to perform. To be able to run them… this is a minimal requirement.

OPS is designed to handle all kinds of orders and allow your team to handle any type of mission. This allows your company to accept any type of logistical mission and more … you will be able to accept any type of service mission that must occur on the last mile: product returns, display of several products, customer inquiry …

The Last Mile segment is about to evolve significantly and OPS is ready. Execute specific processes and perform sequenced actions wherever the messengers, create an infinite number of possibilities … and opportunities to seize.

Dispatch optimization

Assign and send missions details to your fleet. Organise their missions manually or let the system works.

Assign missions

The OPS Dispatch interface allows you to organize your workflow and assign missions to your field teams. All in one place you can follow entering orders, pending assignments and missions progression.

Manage complex orders

Beyond the classical Pickup/Delivery, OPS is designed to allow you to manage much more complex orders. Imagine an order with 4 addresses to reach and 2 to 3 actions to perform at each place… now you can run it with full control and traceability.

Manage several field teams

With its exclusive task management system, OPS allows you to manage different field teams and dedicate them to specific missions. While a team is working on traditional orders, a second team can work on a distribution route and a third team can perform a special marketing operation.

Shift planning and rota tools

Allow your fleet and your manager to plan your flux with an advanced workflow management system.

Master flows and scalability

OPS Planning section allows you to book shifts and plan your workdays. 

Experiment a fully integrated tool

OPS centralize all the plannings in order to track activity and calculate score.

Propose a "Shift Market Place"

OPS can propose vacant shifts to your entire fleet in order to fulfill your planning automatically.


Fleet management

In the rush or in the quiet life, manage your fleet with the most transparent and trustful system ever.

Provide Live scores to your Messengers

Set the scoring schedule (Monthly, Weekly or Daily) and OPS will automatically send the score of each messenger to you and them.

From there, your independent contractor will be able to generate their invoices.

Protect independency with fair procedures

All OPS processes are full convenient with the status of independent contractor, respecting privacy and applying procedure of acceptation and feedback return in order to protect independency.

Cultivate trust with your fleet

OPS is a third party between your company and your independent messenger. Full mission traceability and data provision are ensuring a transparent and trustfull relationship.

Unlimited evolution

Put on the road an unlimited number of equipments. Set up constraints, pricing and integrate these new offerings.

Integrate all kind of equipment

Classical Bikes, Cargo Bikes, Electrical vehicles, Temperature controlled box, etc… your fleet can integrate every kind of equipment and be fully part of your offer.

Adapt your price policy

Adapt and extend your price lists to fit your new vehicle or equipment. The evolution is limitless.

Get ready to autonomous ground vehicles era

If you are a step further and recently started to experiment Autonomous Ground Vehicles, OPS can provide a dedicated interface to send delivery details to them… 🙂



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